1987 Video of Bernie Talking About "Medicare for All" Resurfaces, Democrats Furious

Bernie Sanders just announced he’s running for President in 2020 and “Medicare for All” is going to be a big part of his message, and the message of many other 2020 contenders.
CNN reported that Sanders intends to promote the idea in “every state in the country.” He’s not interested in bipartisan input. “To my Republican colleagues,” Sanders says, “please don’t lecture us on health care.”
Sanders’s “Medicare for All” plan would turn the American health care system into a single-payer program, which the government, through taxation, can supposedly afford.
But in a column for the Chicago Tribune, Steve Chapman calls Sanders’ plan a “delusional promise“:
It’s not clear that we as a country can afford Medicare as it currently exists. Merely preserving it without significant cuts would eventually require a tax increase that working people would resent. But instead of looking for ways to economize, the Vermont senator wants to expand the program in a way that the term “vast” barely begins to capture.
[Sanders’] majestic vision goes beyond merely including the entire U.S. population in Medicare — which would increase the number of recipients by sixfold in just four years. Sanders wants to add coverage for dental, vision and hearing needs, which the program now excludes. And he promises “no more co-pays, no more deductibles and no more fighting with insurance companies when they fail to pay for charges.”
He’s talking about a huge change. As a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation noted, “Medicare has relatively high cost-sharing requirements for covered benefits and, unlike typical large employer plans, traditional Medicare does not limit beneficiaries’ annual out-of-pocket spending.” In 2010, it found, the average recipient paid $2,746 for deductibles, coinsurance and the like (not counting premiums).
A video of Sanders, recently posted by American Wire and recorded back in 1987, shows a skeptical Sanders explaining why universal healthcare won’t work.

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