5 Brutal Cartoons Show What We're Likely to See at Tonight's Debate

Tonight we’ll all be treated to the spectacle of another Democratic Party Debate. That said no one with a weak stomach should watch it as it will be mostly cringe worthy.
The main event will be a showdown between former Vice President Joe Biden and fake American Indian Elizabeth “Fauxahauntus” Warren.
Here in five brutal cartoons is what you can expect to see tonight:
First we can expect to see Democrats talking down the booming economy and predicting an imminent recession, or worse.
Then we’ll see Bernie and the rest of the 2020 clown show claim Trump is a dictator while trying to regulate and control every aspect of our lives.
Of course then we’ll hear that unless something is done all life as we know it on Earth will end, or something.
But as you might expect the hypocrisy on climate change by the 2020 clown show is remarkable:
The main thing to watch for however is how the 2020 hopefuls throw poor old Joe Biden off of the cliff.
Bye bye Joe…
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