Abby Johnson Reaches Out To Fired Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen: We’d ‘Welcome’ You ‘With Open Arms’

Former Planned Parenthood executive-turned-whistleblower Abby Johnson said Monday that recently-fired Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen would be welcomed to the pro-life side with "open arms."
Wen was reportedly canned by the abortion organization for refusing to use so-called "transgender inclusive" language and pushing against Planned Parenthood's emphasis on abortion procedures rather than women's health. Since Wen's abrupt firing in July, the doctor has expressed discontent with her former employer. Over the weekend, for example, Wen, who is currently pregnant, claimed Planned Parenthood was holding her continued healthcare benefits until she agrees to sign a blanket non-disclosure agreement, as reported by The Daily Wire's Emily Zanotti.
"Planned Parenthood, whose very public rhetoric claims to trust and support women, is once again showing their true loyalties in how they are very publicly mistreating their former president, Dr. Wen," Johnson said in a statement provided to The Daily Wire. "But this is what Planned Parenthood does — they break things like contracts, the trust of patients, agreements, and motherhood."
"They don't value their employees because they don't value people, especially pregnant women, who they see more as dollar signs than human beings," the former Planned Parenthood "employee of the year" continued.
"Dr. Wen has been horribly betrayed by Planned Parenthood. It's heartbreaking to watch her former employer throw her under the bus because she dared to question their commitment to actual healthcare," Johnson said.
The "Unplanned" author offered Dr. Wen support, telling the former president directly that she has an "ally" in her.
"Dr. Wen doesn't need to go through this ordeal alone," said Johnson. "I sincerely hope she knows she has an ally in me, someone who went through a similar situation and who has not only excellent attorneys but also a vast network of support through And Then There Were None who would welcome Dr. Wen with open arms."
Johnson is the founder of And Then There Were None, which offers support to former abortion workers who turn from the brutal business.
"They want to silence my voice as a public health expert," Dr. Wen told The Baltimore Sun about Planned Parenthood. "I simply will not sign away my right to speak my mind. I won't compromise my integrity."
"I’m a doctor. I have to be able to speak to my patients about reproductive health care. I'm a professor. I have to be able to speak to my students about reproductive health care," she said. "I cannot be gagged."
As noted by Zanotti, Wen has said in the past that she believes she was fired from Planned Parenthood for refusing to push abortion over women's health. "I wanted to emphasize total women's health," Wen said. "They wanted to double down on abortion rights."
On Saturday, Dr. Wen posted a statement to Twitter regarding Planned Parenthood's alleged action against her.
"I am very disappointed that my confidential letter to [Planned Parenthood] Board is leaked to [The New York Times]," she wrote. "There should be no dispute regarding the terms of my employment contract. I will not be forced to sign a gag clause and compromise my integrity."
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