BOOM: Dean Cain REFUSES to be bullied by Debra Messing and her ‘hate list’ of people attending Beverly Hills Trump fundraiser

All they had to do was NOT be crazy.
And as we’ve said time, and time again, thank goodness they couldn’t even do that.
Seems Debra Messing wants a ‘list’ printed of anyone who attends a Beverly Hills fundraiser for Trump during Emmys week. Gosh, who else liked to make lists of people to harass, boycott, and punish? Hrm.
Brownshirt says what?
This is not a good look, Deb. Like not at all.
Gosh, doesn’t seem like Dean Cain is all that intimidated by Deb’s little list:
In other words, Superman says take so many seats, Deb.
Seems to be the Left’s go-to these days.
Historically, Jewish people have been against lists. People focused on lists often have done terrible things in the past.

I’m always leary when people want lists.
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Ding ding ding.
Oh, yeah, her Will and Grace ‘costar’ also wanted a list.
It’s really gross in a pathetic and sad way.
You want a list of Trump donors to intimidate, smear, blacklist, harass, boycott, or worse?

You sound like a few dictators who put their 'enemies' on a list.

Thanks for reminding Americans the left threatens our freedom & MUST be defeated.

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But ORANGE MAN BAD or something.
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