Brooklyn's first Chick-fil-A opens with 'a line around the block — and it’s not even 7 a.m.' But at least one hipster is fuming.

Chick-fil-A opened its first restaurant in Brooklyn on Thursday morning — and one observer noted, "I'll be doggoned if there isn't a line around the block — and it's not even 7 a.m."

Imagine that.

Bklyner noted that it's the seventh Chick-fil-A to take root in the Big Apple.
But in the borough known far and wide as a hipster haven, can you fathom a unanimous thumbs-up? Perish the thought.

'F*** Chick-fil-A, and f*** people who eat there'

"F*** Chick-fil-A, and f*** people who eat there knowing Chick-fil-A supports anti-LGBT groups, and the CEO is homophobic," Elizabeth Starace — a resident of Dyker Heights and a member of the LGBT community — told Bklyner. "We don't need Chick-fil-A here. There are better options."

The left has targeted Chick-fil-A for years due to ownership's pro-traditional family and Christian views — which opponents have incorrectly equated to an anti-gay stance.

Although it appears Tamara Nay's sentiments better reflected the overall mood along Flatbush Avenue, as she noted to the outlet: "I went by at around 7 in the morning and the line was way too long. They had these red velvet ropes outside the place. I'm planning on going back later tonight when it's hopefully less crowded."

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