BRUTAL! Mark Levin DESTROYS FNC’s Ed Henry After He Promotes Junk Narrative on Trump-Ukraine Phone Call –VIDEO

Mr. Levin blasted FOX and Friends co-host and journalist Ed Henry on Sunday morning for promoting the false narrative, containing Democrat talking points, on the Trump-Ukraine phone call.

President Trump also tweeted this full broadcast from this morning.
The interview got tense after co-Host Ed Henry asked if Trump did anything “illegal” during his call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.
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Levin responded, “What crime was violated? It’s not illegal. The question is whether Biden did something illegal. The president didn’t do anything illegal. You know how I know? Because Nancy Pelosi’s been on every tv show and she can’t cite one section of the United States code where it’s illegal. My question is, why is Joe Biden above the law? Why is his son above the law? Where is Hunter Biden today? Where is the media? Don’t they want to know? Don’t they want to know if the leading contender for the Democrat nomination is a crook and if his son is a crook?”
Henry said, “I’m asking you are you OK with a president asking his counterpart — this is a simply yes or no —to dig up dirt on former vice president Joe Biden and his son? Are you OK with that?”
Levin shot back, “First of all, your question is not honest. So I don’t give yes or no.”
Henry interjected, “That’s a quote from the transcript, sir.”
Levis said, “Let me finish. You have all morning. I have two minutes. It’s not an honest question. Show me in the transcript where the president said that … nowhere.”
He continued, “The media have taken sides here and what I’m saying is this is an utterly corrupt political, partisan process. And it’s about time we had some real reporters who would try to get to the bottom of this.”
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