Cartoon Shows The Horrifying Reality Of Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws

There is a growing concern about what red flag laws are and how they could be abused on the rights of every American gun owner.
At the heart of the debate is the need for public safety versus the right of law-abiding citizens to exercise their God given right of self-protection.
In the case of a red flag law a concerned citizen could report someone to the police as a danger and then their guns would be confiscated pending a hearing.
In some proposals the person reporting the gun owner would have to be a family member or someone close to the gun owner.
But even with that as a “protection,” it raises concerns. How many times have you argued with a family member and they wanted revenge?
There are numerous cases of child protective services being used as a weapon against a family member who was in an argument with another.
In this cartoon the artist shows exactly what it is that many law-abiding Americans fear could come from these types of laws.

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