Crowd of people hurl profanities at NYPD officers and scream for them to die after violent criminal is shot dead by police in Staten Island

Tense scenes erupted after a violent criminal was shot dead by police on a New York street with a crowd of people filmed hurling profanity-laden insults at officers and screaming for them to die. 
The police-involved shooting occurred on Tuesday morning in Staten Island when NYPD officers were called to a home following reports of a domestic violence incident. 
Authorities say ex-con Gregory Edwards, 39, immediately became combative with the four officers who responded to the home.
Police said they were forced to taser him in an attempt to arrest him but Edwards pulled out a gun and fired two rounds at the officers. 

The officers immediately fired back and fatally shot Edwards.
A female officer was struck in the hand during the shootout.
Video filmed by onlookers showed multiple police responding to the scene in the aftermath as an angry crowd gathered on the street. 
A group of about a dozen people could be seen standing on one driveway as they hurled abuse at police. 
They were filmed screaming profanities as one officer could be seen trying to resuscitate Edwards on the street. 
'All of y'all can die,' one person could be heard screaming. 
Another yelled: 'Get the f**k out of here.' 
Some in the crowd retaliated when they saw the injured female officer running to a patrol car while nursing her bloodied hand. 
She was rushed away from the scene for treatment as her fellow officer was still performing CPR on Edwards in the middle of the street.
One woman could be heard yelling and asking why the female officer was being rushed when there was still no ambulance on the scene to treat Edwards. 
NYPD commissioner James O'Neill later said the female officer had undergone surgery to her hand.
O'Neill said the suspect had a long rap sheet with a history of assault and weapons charges. He also previously served five years in prison for his involvement in a shooting. 
He added that the incident was a 'vivid example' of the dangers officers face daily. 
'It's the type of call NYPD cops respond to thousands of times a year, but today we're reminded once again that no call is routine. It was a vivid example of the dangers NYPD police officers face each day keeping our city safe,' O'Neill said. 
Mayor Bill de Blasio praised the officers involved. 
'The work of our officers always involve danger, and we have to honor them and support them,' de Blasio said. 

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