Middle school teacher reportedly chops off 3 inches of student's hair as punishment for playing with it in class

One parent is calling for the firing of a New Hampshire middle school teacher after he reportedly cut off three inches of her daughter's hair as punishment for touching it during class.

What are the details?


Jillian Miglionico says that a male teacher at her daughter's middle school cut the child's hair with scissors after he told her to stop playing with her hair during class time.

Miglionico said that the teacher, who remains unnamed, grabbed her daughter's hair and cut off a three-inch chunk, according to WMUR-TV. Miglionico said that she found out about the incident when a teacher's aide reported it to the principal. Miglionico said the school principal called her to issue an apology.

The teacher reportedly told the unidentified student to stop playing with her hair. When she didn't, the teacher reportedly threatened her.

He said, "If you don't stop playing with your hair, I'm going to cut your hair off," Miglionico alleged. "And she was like, 'No, you can't do that.' He said, 'Oh yeah? Watch me.'"

The teacher reportedly went on to hack off a portion of the child's hair right in the middle of class.

"My daughter wasn't even the one to report the incident because she was, like, scared and embarrassed," Miglionico told the station.
Miglionico also said that her daughter attempted to shield herself during the incident, according to KTRK-TV.

"She had to defend herself and put her math binder in her face for protection. Anything could have happened to her," Miglionico added.
According to Miglionico, the teacher was out of school for three days while the school conducted an internal investigation.

"Now he's back in school and they put her right back in his classroom, so it's basically like a total disregard to her," she said.

The district superintendent told WMUR that the office is investigating the incident and cannot comment any further as the child involved in the ordeal is a minor.

"I don't want this man around my child," the concerned mom insisted.

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