NYT fact checker Gina Chérélus apologizes for old racist and homophobic tweets

And there it is. . .
New York Times fact-checker Gina Chérélus has apologized for racist and homophobic tweets that she posted when she was in college (scroll down for screenshots of the now-deleted posts):
I have deleted offensive tweets from when I was in college nearly a decade ago. I am truly sorry.
We’re going to need a ruling on this. Does she get a pass?
We must cancel "cancel culture." It isn't good for the left or the right to ruin someone for stupid things they said years in the past. The left is learning this now as it's beginning to fall back on them.

I hope Gina is met with grace and learns the same should given to others https://twitter.com/jeanuh_/status/1174151575209676802 
Or should we treat her the same way she would treat her political enemies:
I understand that we were all, absolutely, idiots in college. But, honest question: Would you show forgiveness to another for similar transgressions? What if that person worked for an organization politically opposite of you, and/or espoused opposite political beliefs? https://twitter.com/jeanuh_/status/1174151575209676802 
Just two days ago, she retweeted that fired SNL comedian Shane Gillis “will be fine”:
Should the NYT treat her with the same standard she seem to feel was appropriate for SNL?
Their rules:
Jackass: Haha, I found something you said 20 years ago and now I'm going to ruin your life.

Same jackass: OMG, why are you digging up old things I said to try and ruin my life?
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I hate these rules. I argued against them, quite vigorously I might add. But I do know how to play by them and my pool of sympathy for those who started this garbage has been empty for a while.
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You should be sorry for trying to cancel others for this kind of stuff. Perhaps some introspection should be in your future.
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Anyway, here are the now-deleted tweets:
THREAD: WHOA, @nytimes fact checker @jeanuh_ has a nearly decade long history of reprehensible racist and homophobic Tweets
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