Rep. Joe Kennedy III has something to say about impeachment and sexual assault allegations and justice for survivors

It’s always great to hear the new #MeToo generation of Kennedys speak up, and Rep. Joe Kennedy III wants justice for the survivors of sexual assault that we have failed — particularly the ones who don’t recall being sexually assaulted. In that spirit, Kennedy is joining Rep. Ayanna Pressley and calling for an impeachment inquiry into Brett Kavanaugh … over a debunked New York Times book excerpt that was reportedly pitched to The New York Times’ news division, which passed on it. But, there’s a book to sell, so … impeachment it is.
Someone facing credible sexual assault allegations does not belong on our highest seat of justice. That’s a lesson this country should not have had to learn twice. We need an impeachment inquiry on Kavanaugh. We need court reform. And we need justice for survivors we have failed.
As someone related to Ted Kennedy, who left a woman to die alone in the bottom of a pond, I think all the Kennedys should sit this one out.
Patricia Bowman is a survivor of your cousin Patrick who never received justice. Mary Jo, unfortunately didn’t survive Uncle Teddy to receive justice.
Does a man who killed a woman he was cheating with and then had Daddy and his cronies smooth it all over deserve a Senate seat? Does he deserve it less or more after being kicked out of Harvard for cheating on an exam?
You might want to look up the definition of “credible” you spoiled little brat.
That’s the point. We are waiting for “credible charges”. Thus far, there are none.
I think it's pretty sad that so many members of Congress don't know what the word "credible" means.
On the left, "credible" is such an easy hurdle. Someone told me that someone did something sometime to someone who does not remember it happening. CREDIBLE.

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