Woman Turns the Tables on Knife-Wielding Attacker Trying To Rob Her Family Business

A California woman fought back when a knife-wielding man tried to rob her place of business in a violent attack captured on video late last month.
Los Angeles affiliate KNBC reported Concepcion Escalante was working at her family’s car insurance store in Pomona (30 miles east of LA) on the afternoon of Aug. 31 when a man walked in and demanded money.
The 23-year-old did not hand over the money, but rather resisted the attacker and went for his knife.
The man responded by grabbing the young woman by the hair, dragging her across the floor and throwing her against a wall.
Escalante continued to fight back, at one point punching the assailant in the groin.
Escalante believes the thief was shocked that she resisted his demands.
“He kind of stood there for a second,” she told Inside Edition.
Eventually, the man managed to grab money from Escalante’s desk, but she continued to fight, pulling cash from his hand as he tried to flee and sending it flying over the floor.
The suspect snatched up about $900 and fled out the front door of the store.
Escalante escaped the fight with a wound to the chest, according to Inside Edition.
“I don’t recommend anybody to do it, but it’s also one of those things where you don’t know how you’re going to react,” she told KNBC.
“If you’d have asked me this before Saturday, what would you do if someone came in with a knife? I’d be like, ‘Yeah no, I’ll give you all the money. You take it, you run,'” she said.
“At the moment, you don’t think you’re going to fight back. It was a different feeling.”
Looking back, Escalante thinks it would have been better to give the thief the money up front.
No arrest has been made in the case.
Inside Edition reported that police say the same suspect has robbed three gas stations in a similar manner, wielding a knife.
FBI statistics show that assailants using knives murder far more people each year than those employing rifles.
The agency reported that 1,591 people were murdered by “knives or cutting instruments” and 403 were murdered by rifles in 2017.
Handguns were far-and-away the weapons used most often in murders.
In 2017, 7,032 people were killed in the United States by a handgun.
Escalante was certainly brave to fight back as she did.
The thief may have gotten away with some money this time, but he has certainly been taught a lesson about messing with the wrong person.

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