‘Beyond EMBARRASSING’ –> Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to blame the GOP for her failures in pushing to impeach Trump BACKFIRES

Democrats face a simple question, do they really think they can secretly impeach the president based on secondhand knowledge of a whistleblower who is clearly biased and has worked for Joe Biden? Looks like Nancy is trying to pass the buck here considering she’s the one who could actually do something about impeachment if she so desired.
But instead, she’d rather blame Republicans.
And her using a New York Times article is just icing on the stupid cake:
Nancy. We see you.
From the New York Times:
The Republican Party is again confronting a crisis of conscience, one that has been gathering force ever since Donald Trump captured the party’s nomination in 2016. Afraid of his political influence, and delighted with his largely conservative agenda, party leaders have compromised again and again, swallowing their criticisms and tacitly if not openly endorsing presidential behavior they would have excoriated in a Democrat. Compromise by compromise, Donald Trump has hammered away at what Republicans once saw as foundational virtues: decency, honesty, responsibility. He has asked them to substitute loyalty to him for their patriotism itself.
Hoo boy, there’s a WHOLE lot to unwrap here.
But this really sums it up.
The premise is false.

Putting that aside, are you saying politicians running for office (they are always running for office) cannot be investigated?

Biden bragged about doing the very thing you are accusing Trump of, except he did it to enrich his son and I assume himself.
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So just foreign interference? Like the dossier Clinton financed? But, not like Obama weaponizing the FBI to spy on Trump after Obama had endorsed Clinton? Do you see how fucking hypocritical you and your pinko commie are? Fk your inquiry.
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Democrats face a simple question: can @realDonaldTrump really be for asking foreign countries to help investigate Democrats pressuring foreign countries to interfere in the 2016 election?

History will remember your answer.
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