Body cam footage shows the horrifying moment Albuquerque cops shoot dead a man, 57, as he reached for a BB gun

Body cam footage shows the moment an Albuquerque man was shot dead by police as he reached for a BB gun.
Roger Schafer, 57, was killed by a round of gunfire in August after police responded to multiple 911 calls reporting him waving a gun around at a busy bus stop. 
The body cam footage shows officers repeatedly ordering Schafer to put his hands up and away from his waistband. Schafer begins spewing curses at the officers.

He pushes himself from the ground onto a bench and as he reaches toward the front of his pants, officers open fire, killing him instantly.  
Schafer was at Eubank boulevard and Cooper Avenue pointing a gun at people and traffic, reports show. 
One caller told a 911 dispatcher: 'There is a man on the corner of Copper and Eubank in front of the Payless Shoe Store sitting at the bus stop seat bench. I am driving to work, he's waving a gun around.'

After the shooting officers found that the 9mm handgun was actually a BB gun.  
 'It was a heavily populated area. We have a Walmart in the area with people going in and out of that Walmart, that parking lot was full of vehicles,' said an officer with the Albuquerque Police Department.

 But before his death, Schafer was no stranger to the law.  
In May 2019, he was arrested for an assault on a police officer while wielding a hatchet. 
'Right as he was leaving, he walked by, like, waved the ax at us,' said one witness at the time.
In 2016, he was arrested for drinking in public and in 2018 he was arrested for shooting at a business with a BB gun. 

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