BOOM! Watch Pete Hegseth DESTROY Jedediah Bila on How Pelosi Hates This Country and the Founding Premise of this Country (VIDEO)

On Friday night President Trump held a rally in Louisiana on Friday night on the eve of the Louisiana gubernatorial election on Saturday.
During the rally President Trump told the crowd that Speaker Nancy Pelosi hates this country.
There certainly is plenty of evidence to back up his statement.

But on Saturday morning on FOX and Friends Weekend Jedediah Bila, who was a horrid Trump-basher and co-host on “The View” during the election in 2016, argued that Trump was wrong to say that about Speaker Pelosi.

That’s when Pete Hegseth gave her an earful!
Pete Hegseth: I think she thinks she loves the country. But in actuality, where the left is today, she hates the founding premise of America. Individual freedom, limited governement, free enterprise, all in contrast to what they’re pushing which is socialism, government control of everything they can, open borders, illegality over citizenship. If you look at the basic ingredients of what a free country requires, that’s what President Trump is standing up for. Nancy Pelosi, the so-called squad, the leftists running for president, HATE the founding premise of our nation.
This was brutal!
Pete Hegseth nailed it!
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