‘Durham says HI’: John Brennan’s tweet babbling about Deep State staying resolute against ‘political headwinds’ all TOO telling

You’d think by now, John Brennan would have figured out Trump is just baiting him and others when he tweets about the Ukraine call but nope. The old man who looks like he yells at clouds took the bait again.
That or he got fussy when everyone on the Right started teasing him for going silent after Durham ‘upgraded’ his investigation to a criminal inquiry.
This tweet though is a doozy.
John, you sound so very desperate and nervous.
Gosh, wonder why.
No, @JohnBrennan, that’s not what we do.

We do not rely on bureaucrats and soldiers to remove duly elected Presidents.

Coups like that happen in Communist countries. Not America.

Say, didn’t you vote for the Communists before you joined the CIA?
Huh, that tidbit about voting for Communists seems kinda sorta important, don’cha think?
This is an insult to weasels.
You spied on reporters, senators, and political enemies.
You lied under oath.
You are a complete jackass that has violated the rights of countless citizens.
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Not just a jackass but a COMPLETE jackass.
Ouch-ville, Johnny.
From American Greatness:
Trump, of course, was referring to former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former FBI Director James Comey, the “Praetorian Guard” that laid the trap for Team Trump in 2016. As ISIS continued its murderous rampage in the Middle East and parts of Europe that year—including the Bastille Day truck attack in France that killed 86 people and wounded hundreds more—the most powerful intelligence professionals in the United States were surveilling Carter Page and George Papadopoulos.
They were too busy spying on Trump’s campaign to do their jobs.
Nah bro, we don’t rely on unelected bureaucrats and the military to stop “political corruption”, we rely on elections to handle that. Anything else is a coup.
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Yeah, bro.
Give it time …
Nope, they cannot.
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