Entitled Woman Parks Her Minivan In Illegal Spot, So This Guy Gives Her A Taste Of Her Own Medicine

There are times when friendship and loyalty make you do things that you know are wrong, but feel good, like planning petty revenge on somebody who most likely deserves it.
A similar situation happened to LongLiveMisanthrope who got revenge on behalf of their friend Rachael, a gas station employee who couldn’t throw out the trash because a tourist caravan was blocking the only access to the dumpsters. The caravan driver was really entitled, so our protagonist taught her a lesson by blocking her in with their car and wasting her time as long as possible.  

A woman blocked access to the dumpsters by parking her caravan where she wasn’t allowed to…

LongLiveMisantrope admitted that they acted like a complete jerk and didn’t excuse their behavior. The story they posted on the ‘Petty Revenge’ subreddit was upvoted by 8,500 people, while over 150 internet users left a comment. Redditors also gave them 2 Gold Awards, as well as 2 Silver Awards.

…so a friend of a gas station employee, who couldn’t throw out the trash, decided to mess with the selfish woman

Bored Panda reached out to LongLiveMisantrope to talk about what happened, as well as to hear their opinion about revenge and forgiveness.
“I think only a few people think they are above the rules,” the Redditor explained why they think some people flaunt the rules. “The rest of the rule-breakers think that no one is being harmed or inconvenienced since they themselves aren’t either.”
“I was utterly amazed,” LongLiveMisantrope said about the popularity of their post online. “I thought maybe [I’d get] 1k upvotes and a lot of people calling me a [jerk]. But to see so many people congratulating me on good work honestly made me nervously laugh at my confusion over it.”
However, the Redditor revealed that they think forgiveness is better than revenge in the long run, but with some caveats. “Full honesty, I think forgiveness is the best route. But education, especially of the hard lesson variety, is important and lacking in today’s society. And though I say always forgive, I also say never forget. I just want to say this to everyone, it’s an important lesson I have learned and I want to share it with as many people as possible: everything you do in your life makes someone else’s job either easier or harder.”
The ways in which the Redditor wasted the entitled woman’s time were genius and the perfect guide on how to one-up most rude people. Though LongLiveMisantrope stood up for their friend Rachael, that doesn’t mean they’ll be there to help her out every single time something goes wrong with a customer. Far from every employee has the courage to stand up to clients whom they are told are always right.
According to Inc., there are several things that employees or business owners can do to stop a certain type of customers from bullying them or jerking them around. For example, if a customer knows that you don’t need their business because you’ve got other options, they’ll start acting more politely. If a customer starts yelling, don’t yell back, but speak in an authoritative manner and show that you don’t intend to be intimidated.
And if a rude and demanding customer requires your help, let them know that whether or not you help them depends on their attitude: after all, why should you help somebody who doesn’t have the smallest smidgen of respect for you and wants to trample on your dignity?
At the end of the day, no job is worth being abused over, unless it’s a matter of national security or you’re literally saving the world (but even then, you have words with whoever was insulting you after you prevent Armageddon). 
Dear Pandas, has anything similar happened to you or a friend that you know? Do you think that what LongLiveMisantrope did is wrong? Or were they right to do what they did? Do you think that living a life of revenge or forgiveness is the better option? And do you have any advice on dealing with rude or jerk customers? Drop us a comment down below.

People were jubilant that the caravan-owning rude woman got what she deserved

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