Giuliani: Hunter Biden Reportedly Involved with Romanian Locked Up for Corruption

It’s hit Ukraine. It’s hit China. The blowback has hit the United States presidential election cycle.
And now, according to Rudy Giuliani, it’s hit Romania.
In a wide-ranging interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer said Americans should watch the Eastern European country as the next potential front in the saga of Hunter Biden.
“I want you to keep you eye not just on China. I want you to keep your eye on Romania. Just watch Romania,” Giuliani said.
Watch below:
“You won’t read it in The New York Times or The Washington Post,” Giuliani said after Hannity attempted to change the subject.
“But just watch Romania.”
Giuliani is wrong here: In fact, you could actually read about it in The New York Times.
Back in May, the paper broke the story in an article titled, “Trump’s Demands for Investigations of Opponents Draw Intensifying Criticism.”
“In addition to his work in Ukraine for the energy company Burisma, Hunter Biden advised a Romanian businessman with ties to the United States, Gabriel Popoviciu, whose real estate dealings had come under investigation, according to people familiar with the arrangement, which has not been previously reported,” The Times reported.
“The investigation, which came as the United States and its allies were pushing Romania to clamp down on corruption, led to Mr. Popoviciu’s conviction and a prison sentence.”
According to Fox News, Popoviciu — who is said to have opened the first Pizza Hut in Romania — was sentenced to seven years behind bars for corruption.
The U.K. Daily Mail reported there may have been deeper ties between Hunter Biden and Popoviciu than just an advisory role. 
Yes, even deeper than any possible involvement in Pizza Hut. (To be fair, there’s no evidence the former vice president’s son got involved in that — and why would he, given how wretched their pizza is?)
In late September, a local Romanian outlet reported that “Hunter Biden was involved in real estate business in Bucharest and allegedly tried to lobby in favor of” the real estate magnate, according to the Daily Mail. reported on the alleged links shortly after the Ukraine whistleblower scandal broke.
Beyond the question of whether or not there’s anything untoward here, this again raises the question of why Hunter Biden — not necessarily the most reliable of individuals unless you needed, for some reason, to find someone who would fail a drug test — kept on getting plum roles in international business.
If Romania becomes yet another pie an otherwise unqualified individual had his fingers in, this starts to raise even more serious question about his father’s conflicts of interest.
No, nearest we can tell, Joe Biden didn’t get any Romanian prosecutors fired.
(Or, at the very least, there exists no videos of him at a Council on Foreign Relations event bragging about how, “son of a b—-,” he managed to do it.)
That said, if Romania becomes yet another country where the Neil Bush of the 2020 election cycle managed to make money in a sketchy-sounding way, this could change the calculus of the 2020 election cycle somewhat.
Thus far, Biden’s primary opponents have held their fire on the Hunter issue — not, one suspects, out of an excess of benevolence toward the former vice president but due to the fear that any fruit of the Trumpian tree will be poisonous when eaten.
If the list of countries grows any longer or the scandal gets any deeper, however, it’s not a question of if but when someone decides to take a bite.
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