‘Guess I’d impeach too.’ Greg Gutfeld’s list of reasons to impeach Trump makes Democrats look even more pathetic and LOL

Greg Gutfeld was good enough to put together an excellent list of reasons for Democrats to impeach Trump, except the list itself just proves how absolutely silly this whole impeachment thing really is.
How anyone could want to impeach a president after reading Greg’s list is beyond us … but then again, it is Democrats we’re talking about.
weird times we live in. so much good news regarding:
-the economy
-median incomes
-middle east
-north korea
-prison reform
-peace in general

guess i'd impeach too.

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Greg is right, that whole peace in general thing is a real bummer.
And if they would stop creating more and more jobs that would be super helpful and stuff. *eye roll*

Didn’t Biden just promise us all we could keep our healthcare if we like our healthcare?
Trump’s success doesn’t feed the narrative.
I'm upset that Republicans are slurring Australian Americans by using the hateful term "kangaroo court"!
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*shakes fist*


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