Lesbian comic: Men should be 'more ladylike,' rethink 'weird' obsession with 'being the opposite' of feminine

Hannah Gadsby — a "self-described butch lesbian writer-performer with autism" — contributed to GQ's "New Masculinity" issue, and the comic's suggestion for men is turning a lot of heads.
Oh, here's the cover of the issue to give you an idea of where this is all headed: 

Gadsby, who hails from Australia, told GQ readers why men should be "more ladylike."

Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for AFI

What else did Gadsby say?

"My advice on modern masculinity would be to look at all those traits you believe are feminine and interrogate why you are so obsessed with being the opposite," the comic began. "Because this idea that to be a man you have to be the furthest away from being a woman that you possibly can is really weird.'
Gadsby continued by asking, "Why is everyone so scared of not being masculine?" and then suggested, "What if you, the men, looked to traditional feminine traits and tried incorporating them into your masculinity?"
More from her take:
Women are always being encouraged to stir masculine traits into their feminine recipe. We are told to "be bolder!" "Speak up in meetings." "Exaggerate your skills." All that Lean In sort of crap. So perhaps it's time for you, the men, to be more ladylike. How about you scale back on your confidence? How about you try not to act in every situation? What if you tried to refrain from sharing your opinions or co-opting other people's ideas? How about yielding to people walking in the opposite direction? Or even just attempting to see them?
"How about you try pretending that you're the least powerful person in any room, and that no matter how hard you work you'll never be the most powerful," she added. "Walk around like that for a couple weeks. And then call your mother."
Here's Gadsby speaking about misogyny and ridiculing "good men" for calling out "bad men":

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