Megyn Kelly returns to Fox News, delivers fiery remarks blasting NBC over Matt Lauer allegations

Megyn Kelly, in her first televised interview since being ousted from NBC News in 2018, has broken her silence on the horrific rape allegations against embattled former NBC host Matt Lauer.

Kelly appeared on Wednesday's "Tucker Carlson Tonight," where she adamantly insisted that NBC News needs to employ an outside investigator to deal with the apparent secrecy of the network in its dealing of the Lauer allegations.

Kelly left Fox News in 2017 for a move to NBC, where she hosted "Megyn Kelly Today," until she was unceremoniously let go following remarks she made about Halloween and blackface.

What did she say?

Kelly told Carlson that there needs to be an independent investigation of NBC News over allegations made in journalist Ronan Farrow's new book, "Catch and Kill."

In the newly released book, Farrow highlights Brooke Nevils — whose accusations against Lauer eventually saw him removed from the network — and her allegations of rape and misconduct. Lauer has denied such behavior.

NBC News chief Noah Oppenheim has pushed back on some of the allegations against the network that were contained in Farrow's book, referring to some as a "conspiracy theory" and a "smear." Oppenheim and management have insisted that they had no knowledge of Lauer's behaviors until Nevils lodged a formal complaint against him.

"There needs to be an outside investigation into this company," Kelly insisted "They investigated themselves! That doesn't work. Fox News had an outside investigator. CBS News had an outside investigator. NPR, the NFL — this is how it's done."

She also called on the network to release any NBC employees — past and present — from any non-disclosure agreements they might have signed.
"The No. 1 thing that needs to happen now is they need to release any and all Matt Lauer accusers from their confidentiality agreements," she added. "NBC says it has nothing to hide. Great! Let's not hide anything."

"Show us all of the agreements, the enhanced severance agreements that were reached, or at least the numbers, so we can see which ones pop out and which ones were super high," Kelly insisted.

What else?

Elsewhere during the interview, Carlson pointed out that just a month before her firing, Kelly herself called for an outside investigator to look into the allegations against Lauer and why the network reportedly killed Farrow's reporting on the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

He added that current MSNBC host Chris Hayes very recently echoed Kelly's 2018 sentiments on air and seemingly backed Farrow's reporting. Carlson asked Kelly if she believed Hayes should be concerned about losing his job.
“No comment on that," Kelly responded. “I will say the question is open as to whether they put dollars ahead of decency. If they were more interested in protecting their star anchor than protecting the women of the company."
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