More political theater! Foreign policy alum Jordan Schachtel takes Dem’s NSC witness in Ukraine hoax APART in just 2 tweets

RUH-ROH! They really got Trump this time!
Just kidding.
But hey, that’s clearly what Andrew Desiderio here wants his readers to think. After all, just take a look at that list of qualifications!

—Has first-hand knowledge
—Was on July 25 call
—Twice reported concerns to NSC lawyer
—Believed Trump undermined U.S. nat'l security
—Is an immigrant from the Soviet Union
—Served in Iraq & was wounded by roadside bomb
—Received a Purple Heart 
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There’s just a few problems here which foreign policy alum Jordan Schachtel was good enough to point out.
So their big NSC witness knows what the rest of Americans do because we’ve seen the transcript. We bet Trump is just shakin’ in his boots.
This Ukraine hoax is starting to be as embarrassing as the Russian collusion hoax.
There is a public transcript of the call. We don’t need this guy to tell us what he thinks.
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But he really believes Trump did something bad, man!
It’s all so stupid.
Schachtel continued.
This Alexander Vindman ordeal is merely a guy who is upset w/ how the president is conducting foreign policy & wants to criminalize FP wrong think. It's really nothing more than that. NSC officials have no mandate. POTUS does. Dems+media using it to bolster weak impeachment case.
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What he said. ^
I read his opening statement. This is his interpretation. My interpretation is Trump wasn’t demanding anything.
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Our interpretation is this Ukraine thing is all stupid.
Not to mention they played the Russian immigrant card.
It is continued political theater. The Democrats know that they can't impeach him. Well they can, but they know that the senate won't convict him because there's nothing here.

This is about keeping it going long enough to hopefully affect the election. Straight up interference.
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