Ocasio-Cortez Tells Tourists To Stay Out Of Bronx, 'This Is For Us'

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keeps finding creative ways to stop her district from getting any good income.
She started when she first won her spot in Congress and pressured Amazon not to build in her area costing countless jobs.
And now she has decided that she wants to keep tourists from visiting the Bronx and spending their cash in Bronx stores, TMZ reported when it interviewed her.
Rush Transcript:
REPORTER: “You’re from the Bronx. With the ‘Joker’ movie, everybody —“
OCASIO-CORTEZ: “Oh my God, yes.”
REPORTER: “It’s the iconic steps now.”
OCASIO-CORTEZ: “The steps. Which when I was growing up, everyone would tell us to stay away from those steps or go with a friend or whatever.”
REPORTER: “Why? Was it that scary?”
OCASIO-CORTEZ: “I mean, you know, you go there and it were at night — I mean, whatever. The Bronx is much safer now, and I’m happy to say that.
But it is funny to see it. Like, I think a way a lot us feel is, listen, like, keep your Instagram posts outside of the Boogie Down. This is for us. (Laughs).”
REPORTER: “What’s your best memories of going by those steps? Now, seeing it, you know, in the movies and all —“
OCASIO-CORTEZ: “I was there — I was there actually recently. I’m trying to remember if it’s actually near the Board of Elections or not.
It’s around some office that I was visiting recently. But, you know, it’s classic precisely because they’re so long. So people try to skate on them, they try to slide on them.”
REPORTER: “I can see me being the kid sliding there —“
OCASIO-CORTEZ: “People have been doing that dance a long time.”
REPORTER: “So do you expect a lot of tourist attraction coming in now because of —“
OCASIO-CORTEZ: “You know, I think so, right? That’s how it works, right? We’ve got to — we’ve got to own it, though. We can’t let anyone take that away from us.”
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