President Trump RIPS Paul Ryan: He Refused to Allow Subpoenas to Investigate Deep State Corruption

President Trump spoke to Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night on Justice with Judge Jeanine

President Trump ripped former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

For months there have been rumors that Paul Ryan would not allow Republican House members to subpoena deep state criminals in the FBI and Justice Department. For two years of the Trump administration Paul Ryan allowed the deep state to launch attack after attack on this president while he remained silent.
On Saturday President Trump ripped the failed former Speaker.
President Trump: We have great, great relationships with the people in the Rupublican Party. But they don’t fight dirty. As an example with subpoenas. You take a look at Paul Ryan when he was Speaker. He wouldn’t give em! I’m not even knocking him for that. He wouldn’t give em. He thought it was inappropriate. Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, all of the guys wanted, Gaetz, all of them. Matt Gaetz. I could name 25 people. These are incredible people. They wanted subpoenas to investigate all of the corruption that they found. Horrible, horrible corruption. Paul Ryan would say, “Well, wait a minute, slow down. Let’s come back next week.” They would come back, they wouldn’t get it. She hands them out like their cookies!
Paul Ryan was always working for the other side.
It was only thanks to Trump that we all see that today.
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