VIDEO: Pagan Amazonian Statues Used by Pope Francis in Controversial Vatican Ceremony Removed from Church and Chucked into Tiber River

In early October Pope Francis caused a stir when he participated in a pagan ritual at The Vatican with Amazonian tribal representatives.
Lifesite News reported: 
On October 4, Pope Francis observed as an Amazonian woman led a ritual in the Vatican gardens as part of a tree-planting ceremony. The woman, bedecked with a traditional feather headdress, prostrated herself before the tree and a pair of statues of naked pregnant women. The indigenous woman also shook a rattle in an apparent blessing or incantation over the group at the ceremony, who included a Franciscan friar. Some members of the group prostrated themselves or knelt during the ceremony, while the pope stood by.
LifeSite launched a petition after the ceremony urging the Vatican to remove the pagan statues and any other allegedly pagan symbolism at the Synod that was then being displayed at Santa Maria in Traspontina Church near St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.
On Monday at least two devout Catholics entered Santa Maria in Transpontina Church and removed the pagan statues and symbols.

The Christians then proceeded to the Castel Sant’Angelo and greeted St. Michael the Archangel, before chucking the statues into the Tiber River.

The video was posted at LifeSite News – via Jack Posobiec.
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