Video shows Florida police officer shove teenager off roof after order by sergeant

A US police sergeant who ordered an officer to push a teenager off a roof would have been sacked had he not already quit, his department has said.
Shocking bodycam footage has been released of the incident in Kissimmee, Florida, which happened as officers chased an 18-year-old man accused of taking his girlfriend's car without permission.
The video shows officers telling the suspect to "come down" from a roof, before one says: "You're going to get Tased and you're going to fall. So, you better jump."
The sergeant on the ground then tells the officer on the roof: "Push him off the roof. Push him off. Just push him off. Push him off."
The officer then shoves the teenager, who falls about nine feet to the ground before he is then hit with a police Taser.
The police officers involved have been named in reports as Sgt Anthony Amada and officer Plenio Massiah.
Kissimmee Police Department launched an internal investigation and concluded the incident should never have happened, Florida TV network WFTV reported.

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