Vietnam War veteran, 69, died saving three-year-old granddaughter from house explosion

A Vietnam War veteran died after carrying his three-year-old granddaughter to safety following a gas explosion at his home in Oklahoma.
Don Osteen, 69, who was awarded the Purple Heart for bravery during his time in the Army died on Monday from complications during surgery, his son said.
Brendon Osteen said his father Don was lighting a candle next to a stove at his home in Maud, Oklahoma when there was a powerful gas explosion.
Don’s granddaughter, Paetyn was severely injured in the blast suffering burns on 30 per cent of her body.
Paetyn pictured driving around the hospital in a toy car. (GoFundMe)
Paetyn pictured driving around the hospital in a toy car. (GoFundMe)
Before he died, Don told his wife that the roof also fell on top of Paetyn and he was stopped from fleeing the scene to get help because his keys had melted and phone exploded because of the heat.
"He was an old man who shouldn't have been able to do what he did," Brendon Osteen told CNN.
"After saving my daughter's life, he then hiked up a driveway that goes a quarter of a mile through the woods and through and back up a steep creek bed," Brendon said
A GoFundMe page set up by the family said Don suffered burns on 78 per cent of his body, a collapsed lung and broken ribs. 
Despite the severity of his injuries, Don still managaed to carry his granddaughter to safety.
In an emotional tribute to his father on Facebook, Brendon wrote: Thank you all for the things you have done for me and my family.
“Lots of selfless acts resulting from the selfless act of my amazing father.
“So everyone say a special prayer tonight for the heroic acts of Don Osteen.”
Paetyn is said to be "starting to heal emotionally and continues to heal physically".
Brendon said his father was an Army veteran and was disabled in a grenade explosion during his service in Vietnam.
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