A Truth About Our Founding Fathers and the Second Amendment Public Schools No Longer Teach

By now most of our readers understand that the public education system in the United States has, for the most part, been taken over by leftists who value political correctness over truth.
Many public schools teach kids that the founders were exclusively racist white slave owners and that America and its system of government is fundamentally bad.
They teach that guns are bad, gun owners are bad, and there’s an epidemic of shootings in our country that can only be solved by taking everyone’s guns away.
Of course nothing could be farther from the truth.
The American system of government and capitalism have done more to raise the common man out of poverty and into prosperity than any other system ever devised.
And the Second Amendment has kept our country free and safe from want to be dictators and foreign invaders.
Here’s a truth about our Founding Fathers and the Second Amendment they don’t often teach in public schools any more: 
Sadly true, that this is often not taught any more.
Now schools have been known to organize their students to protest FOR eliminating their Second Amendment rights.
Liberals hate the fact that Americans have the right to bear arms and constantly seek to chip away at that protected and sacred and fundamental right, the right to self defense.
Here’s another relevant meme for you:
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