Banned labour camps photo(21 Pics)

The Gulag, acronym of Main Administration of Camps) was the government agency in charge of the Soviet forced-labour camp-system that was set up under Vladimir Lenin.
Photos of Gulag concentration camps are almost gone - only occasionally people with cameras managed to get there. Of course, they did not photograph the most horrible things - photographing only what was allowed.
Here is a selection of Gulag photos that were banned in the USSR.

Photo:Prisoners of the Gulag on the construction of Belomorkanal. Photo of 1932. All of Stalin's "economic miracles" were done by the hard labor of the labour camp slaves - legally the USSR rolled two thousand years - except that in the USSR slaves were not captive barbarians but their own citizens. According to official data during the construction of Belomorkanal  12800 people died, unofficial sources quote much higher figures.

If you look at the map of shock-work construction sites  of the first five-year plans, you will see that this map exactly matches the map of the Gulag Stalinist concentration camps.
 Of course, in the Soviet years they were silent about this - telling tales about "millions of Komsomol volunteers" who travel to distant northern places to die there with a pickaxe in their hands. Until 1956, they could be sent to the same camp for the truth about the Stalinist concentration camps, and after 1956 (when the cult of Stalin’s personality was debunked), this became an uncomfortable truth, which the Soviets  tried to hide in every possible way — but periodically here and there in the places of the “Stalin five-year plans” "people find mountains of frozen skeletons with the remains of camp numbers on decayed quilted jackets.
Nobody really took these burials into account in those years, and is in no hurry to investigate and take into account even now.

The construction of the Trans-Polar Railway - another crazy project of the USSR, nowadays a ghost road - for every few kilometers of which there is one abandoned Stalinist concentration camp, and for every ten meters - one corpse. The work was carried out without design estimates by 300,000 Gulag prisoners, tens of thousands of whom died - mainly on the so-called "Construction 501" and "Construction 503". There is still no exact data on the dead people.

Winter work of prisoners.

Summer work of prisoners in quarries.

Prisoners at the construction of the Yun-Yaga mine, 1937.

Construction of one of the camp barracks. As a rule, barracks were built by the prisoners themselves from wood. Inside there were  long rows of wooden plank beds, on which sometimes two or three people slept.

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