CNN Stunned When Black Football Fan Says Trump is Being Treated Unfairly by Democrats with Their Soviet-Style Impeachment Probe (VIDEO)

This didn’t go the way far-left fake news CNN hoped.
President Trump and First Lady Melania arrived to chants of “USA! USA!” from a packed crowd at Bryant-Denny Stadium for the LSU-Alabama college football game in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Saturday afternoon.
Fans attending the LSU-Alabama football game Saturday told CNN that President Trump is being treated unfairly by the Democrats.
Schiff and Pelosi are spearheading a Soviet-style impeachment inquiry denying President Trump due process — and Americans are awake and aware to the scam.
CNN asked a black football fan attending the game if Trump has been treated fairly — and his answer stunned CNN.
“No. No, I don’t, I don’t because when the man tried to help the country and you’re still trying to find a situation to throw out his character…ain’t no perfect president…but I think he’s been treated unfairly,” he said.
A woman attending the LSU-Alabama game told CNN the Soviet-style impeachment process is “ridiculous and unfair.”
“I wish they would focus on getting stuff done instead of harassing the President,” a woman said.
Take that, CNN!

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