Crowd Chants ‘Bullsh-t’ as Trump Discusses Impeachment at Florida Rally (VIDEO)

Speaking at a Florida rally on Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump declared that people are seeing through the Democrats’ “bullsh-t” impeachment efforts.

The president’s remarks lead to a massive chant of “bullsh-t” breaking out in the crowd, echoing the sentiment.  
“They’re pushing that impeachment witch hunt, and a lot of bad things are happening to them,” Trump said, after referring to their efforts as a “witch hunt.” “Because you see what’s happening with the polls? Everybody said, ‘that’s really bullshit.’”
As soon as the word left the president’s mouth, the crowd went absolutely wild.
“I don’t want to go on it too long, but all I’m saying is it’s a terrible hoax,” Trump added.
The impeachment efforts has especially alienated Independents. In late October, 47.7 percent supported the charade, but support has now sunk to 41 percent.
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