CROWD ROARS for President Trump at UFC 244 – Winner Masvidal Says He Was Honored to Fight in Front of Trump – a BMF! (VIDEO)

President Trump attended UFC 244 in New York City last night.  The crowd cheered when the President  entered the auditorium but the Mainstream media would have you believe otherwise.  The winner of the event was a proud American who said he admired the President.

The crowd cheered upon President Trump’s entry –

And another tweet showing the crowd cheering when President Trump entered the arena –

Brian Stelter at CNN couldn’t figure out who invited the President to the event –

The far left BBC claimed the fans booed the President which was clearly not consistent with the videos above (more fake and corrupt news) –

The eventual winner of the fight, Jorge Masvidal said before the fight that “he’s honored to fight in front of Trump” at UFC 244-
Masvidal also claimed President Trump was a BMF (bad mother f*cker)  before the fight a few days ago – (language) –
Meanwhile, Joe Biden was in Iowa busy thinking he was in Ohio –

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