Despite Screaming Headlines from Fake News Media – Black Friday Shopping Frenzy BREAKS ALL RECORDS – Tops $4 Billion for First Time!

Despite the screaming headlines from the fake news media the Black Friday shopping frenzy BROKE ALL RECORDS on Friday. 

Black Friday shopping topped $4 billion for the first time ever!

It’s Trump’s economy now!

“Shoppers weren’t slowed down at all by their huge turkey feasts.”
Consumers spent a staggering $4.2 billion online on Thanksgiving, a 14.5 percent from last year and a record high, according to new figures published by Adobe Analytics on Friday. This marks the first time that Thanksgiving shopping has surpassed $4 billion.
In total, e-commerce behemoths saw a 244 percent boost in sales on Thanksgiving, while smaller retailers experienced a 61 percent jump.
Phones played a huge role in the spike in Turkey Day shopping: Overall, nearly half of the revenue — 44.9 percent — stemmed from people’s smartphones, a 24.4 increase over last year.
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