‘Disgusting attempt to intimidate journos’: Whistleblower attorneys really REALLY don’t want his name out there (statement)

Sounds like Eric Ciarmella’s attorneys really really REALLY don’t want us to know Eric’s name.
Oops, our bad … let’s try that again.
The whistleblower’s attorneys really really REALLY don’t want us to know the whistleblower’s name.
There, fixed it.
In fact, they want his name hidden so badly they sent out a new statement all but threatening journalists for sharing his name.
Attorneys for Ukraine call whistleblower new statement on speculation about the intelligence community employee’s identity.
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‘… publications reporting such names will be personally liable for that harm. Such behavior is at the pinnacle of irresponsibility and is intentionally reckless.’
What a crock.
Sean Davis seems about as impressed with this letter as we are.
This whole whistleblower thing is seriously just a joke.
An unfunny, boring, expensive, annoying joke.
Wonder if that means they’re liable?
Or make it apparent a chronic leaker decided wrapping himself in whistleblower protections was preferable to prosecution.

All while making it clear this is a foreign policy disagreement, not a crime.
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What she said.
Yep it's Eric Ciarmella.... Attorney's don't make intimidating messages like this for nothing you know. 😂
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Yup, CNN would have doxxed the guy … err … reported on the guy’s identity weeks ago.
Lol, I could understand if he was a true whistleblower, but he's not. Like you said, Sean, the man is a leaker!
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Such a gross visual.
Accurate, but gross.
We need a to testify on the whistleblower. There, fixed it. Whistleblowers are protected from losing their jobs and suffering harm for what they say but they cannot hide completely from the process that questions and verifies their statements. This is ludicrous.
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So we need a whistleblower to blow the whistle on the whistleblower?
He’s right, this is all pretty damn ludicrous.
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