Dude, take the L! Sharyl Attkisson shreds blue-check in heated debate after he accuses her of pushing whistleblower conspiracies

Sharyl Attkisson was so close in her investigative reporting Obama’s administration allegedly ‘hacked’ into her computer. So it’s no wonder that when she starts tweeting about the various whistleblower angles that we’re all seeing come out (even though the traditional media are doing their best to spin spin spin), it’s no wonder she’s getting accused of pushing conspiracy theories.
Take a gander at this back and forth between Sharyl and some guy named Charles Cooper who is a verified EGG.
Gotta love Twitter.
If the reporting is correct, it implies the "whistleblower" could have been worried Trump was getting close to uncovering Democrat links to Ukraine's interference in US elections in 2016.
Who is the "Whistleblower" that's trying to take down Trump? https://sharylattkisson.com/2019/10/who-is-the-whistleblower-thats-trying-to-take-down-trump/ 
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Getting too close to the crap Democrats pulled in 2016 so they’re trying to stop Trump before they’re found out.
Sounds feasible at this point.
And gosh, didn’t Democrats tell us how bad obstruction of justice is?
Guess Charles didn’t like this tweet because …
A whit of evidence?
These people.
Not sure why they insist on debating Sharyl, it never ends well for them.
Ever notice that when it’s the Democrats who have allegedly done something wrong it magically turns into a conspiracy?
We need to get back to reality as a nation.
Someone tell that to Pelosi and Schiff.
Dude, just take the L. Walk away.
Umm … he did say what she claimed.

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