EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone’s Pastor and Spiritual Adviser Randy Coggins Calls for Prayers for Roger as Jury Continues Deliberation

Longtime Trump adviser and confidante Roger Stone stood trial before Obama activist judge Amy Berman Jackson and a liberal DC jury these past two weeks.

Roger Stone was a target of the Mueller witch hunt and the Obama deep state after Donald Trump won the presidency in November 2016.
Roger Stone’s crime was being a close confidante of President Donald Trump. Democrats want him jailed for supporting America’s president.
Sick liberals like Jake Tapper and others have even fantasized about Stone ending up in prison and “enjoying it”, alluding to the epidemic of prison rape running rampant in the United States prison system.
The Obama deep state had it out for Roger Stone following the election victory of Donald Trump over corrupt liberal favorite Hillary Clinton.
Stone and his family has been put through hell since President Trump’s win. In January Roger Stone and his wife were dragged out of their home at 6 AM by 29 armed FBI agents. CNN was tipped off CNN beforehand so they could show the power of the deep state in a warning to all patriotic conservative Americans.
The Washington DC jury ended their first day of deliberation without a verdict today.

Earlier this evening we were sent the letter from Roger Stone’s pastor and spiritual adviser, Evangelist Randy Coggins II, in Roger’s defense.

We have permission to post it here.

Please pray for Roger Stone and his family.
Please pray that justice will defeat this evil against him.

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