Hillary Clinton Crawls Out of Her Hole to Attack President Trump During Schiff’s Impeachment Show Trial

Crooked Hillary Clinton crawled out of her hole and attacked President Trump during Schiff’s impeachment show trial on Friday.
Disgruntled fired US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified on Friday on day two of the Adam Schiff show trial.
Yovanovitch, an Obama holdover, was fired in May of this year and she perjured herself in last month’s closed-door testimony.
Hillary Clinton had the nerve to accuse Trump of ‘intimidating’ Yovanovitch after the President torched the ambassador in real time during her testimony.
Speaking of ambassadors, Hillary Clinton allowed Ambassador Christopher Stevens to die in Benghazi, Libya in 2012.
“Witness intimidation is a crime, no matter who does it. Full stop,” Hillary tweeted.

Hillary Clinton has intimidated many, many witnesses over the years, including the countless women who accused her husband Bill Clinton of sexual assault and twitter users wasted no time pointing this out.

Attorney Robert Barnes nuked Hillary Clinton.
“It’s better if they get Epsteined?” Barnes said referring to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious ‘suicide’ inside of a federal prison over the summer.

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