Ilhan Omar hopes ‘all the women/girls out there’ can take a lesson from brave Katie Hill and not be deterred by ‘smear campaigns’ [pics]

Katie Hill may be down, but she’s not out. Not as long as she’s got champions like Ilhan Omar:
Best of luck on your new journey @KatieHill4CA, we got you ✊🏽

To all the women/girls out there, do not be deterred from pursuing your dreams. We must and will create a society where you cannot be defamed, smeared and kept from your career aspirations because of smear campaigns!
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Yes, all women and girls should dream of someday being in a position to abuse their authority and have affairs with subordinates. Yay feminism!
“Little girls, it’s fine to grow up and abuse your power over employees by leveraging it into sexual relationships! You don’t deserve any sort of punishment for that”
Also to all the young girls. Be sure to grow up knowing that you are responsible and accountable for your actions. Don’t blame the world/others for your bad decisions.
We’d be shocked if she didn’t.
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