It’s a Coup: John Brennan Fires Off Tweet Attacking President Trump as Soviet-Style Impeachment Hearings Begin

John Brennan 
Wednesday kicked off the first of many public hearings in Schiff’s Soviet-style impeachment show trials.
The two Trump-hating witnesses, George Kent, a deputy at the State Department and Bill Taylor, the charge d’affaires at the US Embassy in Kiev are testifying together.
The two witnesses have zero first-hand knowledge of Trump’s dealings with Ukraine; it’s all hearsay and gossip.
Former CIA Director John Brennan broke his silence on Twitter after not posting anything for two weeks and fired off a tweet attacking President Trump Wednesday morning.
As always, Brennan’s tweet was full of projection. 
According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry, Brennan planted the whistleleaker Eric Ciaramella inside of the Trump White House to spy on the president and thwart the Spygate investigation with another attempted coup.

CIA snitch Eric Ciaramella filed a whistleblower complaint in August over a July 25 phone call President Trump had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky alleging Trump engaged in quid pro quo when he pressured Zelensky to investigate the Biden crime family.
Ciaramella met with Schiff’s staffers before he filed the whistleblower complaint and coordinated the latest coup attempt as the Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry based off of Ciaramella’s complaint.
Brennan celebrated and encouraged an unlimited number of whistleblowers to come forward and filed complaints against Trump. 
Brennan was also behind the first failed coup attempt and peddled the phony Hillary-funded dossier to push the Russian collusion canard.
Brennan is currently under investigation for his role in Spygate so he is desperate to remove President Trump from office.
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