Joe Biden on Son Hunter Biden in 2017: “We’ve Been a Team. I Know that Sounds Strange to Say as a Father. But It’s Been One Unit”

In 2017 People magazine interviewed Joe Biden after his son Beau passed away from cancer. The article was published after Hunter Biden started dating his deceased brother’s wife. 
In the article Joe Biden bragged about him and Hunter being a team and “one unit.” This was back in 2017 before the news broke of Biden family’s numerous pay-for-play schemes.
People Mag wrote:
Joe also told Popular Mechanics in 2016 that Hunter was the one who wrote his speeches.
“It sounds strange to say, but this is the brightest guy I know,” Joe said of Hunter, after Beau’s death. “Just like his brother. His brother never made a speech and I never made an important decision without consulting with the other two. We’ve been a team. I know that sounds strange to say as a father. But it’s been one unit. Right to the very end.”

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