Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat's Agenda Moving Forward Illustrated by One Cartoon

We all know by now that regardless of all of the “we came to this decision prayerfully” crap, the Democrats decided to try and impeach President Trump the moment they took over the House.
Pelosi played dumb, like she was a reluctant passenger on the impeachment train, but we know now that it was nothing but pure bullshit.
Pelosi probably planned this whole act out after the 2018 election but before she was even resumed her role as Speaker of the House.
She and her cohort of slime-dog Democrats decided on impeaching President Trump from the get go.
But what is Pelosi’s plan moving forward now that it’s clear the President will be impeached regardless of the evidence?
Here in one savagely illustrated cartoon is Nancy Pelosi’s agenda for the foreseeable future.
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