New Trump Campaign Facebook Ad Decries Far Left Violence Against Supporters–WaPo Fact Checker Asks “Violence?”

President Trump’s reelection campaign initiated a new ad placement on Facebook Wednesday that accuses the “far left” of trying to thwart his election by engaging in violent attacks on Trump supporters to “silence us”. 
Trump supporter Rachel Casey violently attacked by liberal protesters seeks shelter at locked Marriott hotel doors, San Jose, California, June 2, 2016. Casey was eventually let in. 
The text of the Trump ad reads:
The far left knows that they have NO CHANCE of defeating President Trump in 2020, so they’ve resorted to violence to try to silence the MILLIONS of American Patriots who voted for him.
We need to show radical left that they will NEVER be able to silence us with their violence and their hatred.
The ad was first reported by Judd Legum, publisher of the Popular Information newsletter, who posted a screen cap. 
Legum posted the copy of the ad without comment.
Washington Post “fact checker” Glenn Kessler asked, “violence?” 
For Kessler to ask that question he must ignore a four year history of individual attacks and riotous mob violence against Trump supporters by liberals and far left Antifa terrorists as well as the June 14, 2017 mass shooting attack by a Bernie Sanders supporter on GOP congressmen that grievously wounded Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), the November 3, 2017 attack on Sen. Rand Paul by his neighbor that left Paul with life changing injuries and the botched assassination attempt on candidate Trump at a Las Vegas rally on June 18, 2016.

The most recent attack was Monday night outside Trump’s campaign rally in Lexington, Kentucky. 
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