OUTRAGEOUS: Mueller and Deep State DOJ Deny Allegations in Most Recent Response to General Flynn’s Attorneys

The Deep State DOJ and FBI withheld pertinent evidence from General Mike Flynn in his case with the government.

General Mike Flynn has been under investigation for years and was eventually set up by the Deep State FBI under the leadership of Director James Comey and corrupt cops Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page and others.  Eventually the General was coerced into agreeing to lying to the FBI.

The General’s case was a mess until he hired Attorney Sidney Powell.  She immediately challenged everything the Deep State did to date in their efforts to indict and prosecute the war hero General Flynn.  Powell created a list of 40 documents that the DOJ had not turned over to the General that were pertinent to the case.  The government has a duty to hand over any information that would help who they are prosecuting with their case.  It’s the law and the information is considered Brady material based on a case that set this standard.
The government rebutted and Ms. Powell requested more information.  This showed that the government has been withholding information for three or more years that is pertinent to his case.  Powell is asking the judge to dismiss the case and hold the Deep State actors in the DOJ accountable.
In the government’s latest response to Powell’s request the government provided a 17 page of drivel that indicates that they will not provide the information that the General has a right to have regarding his case.
Techno Fog identified in June that there may be a missing 302 that is not listed in the Mueller report –

The footnote at the bottom of p. 8 says this –

The Mueller team had an unlimited budget and dozens of overpaid attorneys and an entire staff and years of work, and hid information from General Flynn…..What crooks!

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