President Clinton Committed 11 Crimes per Independent Counsel for Which He Was Impeached – President Trump Committed Nothing – What the Hell is Going On?

President Bill Clinton was impeached because an independent special counsel found that he committed 11 crimes, including multiple counts of lying and obstructing justice.

Today the Democrat led House is attempting to impeach President Donald Trump after a corrupt and biased Mueller Special Counsel found no crimes – zero!  What the hell is going on?

The far-left Washington Post listed all 11 crimes an independent counsel identified leading to President Clinton’s impeachment –
(1) He denied that he had a “sexual relationship” with Monica Lewinsky
(2) He denied that he had a “sexual affair” with Monica Lewinsky
(3) He denied that he had “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky
(4) He denied that he engaged in or caused contact with the genitalia of “any person” with an intent to arouse or gratify (oral sex performed on him by Ms. Lewinsky)
(5) He denied that he made contact with Monica Lewinsky’s breasts or genitalia with an intent to arouse or gratify
A. Evidence that President Clinton Lied Under Oath During the Civil Case
1. President Clinton’s Statements Under Oath About Monica Lewinsky
2. Monica Lewinsky’s Testimony
(i) Wednesday, November 15, 1995
(ii) Friday, November 17, 1995
(iii) Sunday, December 31, 1995
(iv) Sunday, January 7, 1996
(v) Sunday, January 21, 1996
(vi) Sunday, February 4, 1996
(vii) Sunday, March 31, 1996
(viii) Sunday, April 7, 1996
(ix) Friday, February 28, 1997
(x) Saturday, March 29, 1997
(xi) Two Subsequent Meetings
3. Phone Sex
4. Physical Evidence
5. Testimony of Ms. Lewinsky’s Friends, Family Members, and Counselors
(i) Catherine Allday Davis
(ii) Neysa Erbland
(iii) Natalie Rose Ungvari
(iv) Ashley Raines
(v) Andrew Bleiler
(vi) Dr. Irene Kassorla
(vii) Linda Tripp
(viii) Debra Finerman
(ix) Dale Young
(x) Kathleen Estep
6. Summary
A. There is substantial and credible information that President Clinton lied under oath when he testified that he could not specifically recall instances in which he was alone with Monica Lewinsky.
1. The President’s Civil Deposition Testimony
2. Evidence That Contradicts the President’s Testimony
3. The President’s Grand Jury Testimony
4. Summary
B. There is substantial and credible information that the President lied under oath in his civil deposition about gifts he exchanged with Monica Lewinsky.
1. The President’s Civil Deposition Testimony About His Gifts to Monica Lewinsky
2. Evidence that Contradicts the President’s Civil Deposition Testimony
3. President’s Civil Deposition Testimony About Gifts from Monica Lewinsky to the President
4. Evidence that Contradicts the President’s Testimony
(i) Monica Lewinsky’s Testimony
5. Grand Jury Testimony of the President and Ms. Currie
6. Summary
A. Beginning on January 21, 1998, the President misled the American people and Congress regarding the truth of his relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.
B. The First Lady, the Cabinet, the President’s staff, and the President’s associates relied on and publicly emphasized the President’s denial.
C. The President repeatedly and unlawfully invoked the Executive Privilege to conceal evidence of his personal misconduct from the grand jury.
D. The President refused six invitations to testify to the grand jury, thereby delaying expeditious resolution of this matter, and then refused to answer relevant questions before the grand jury when he testified in August 1998.
E. The President misled the American people and the Congress in his public statement on August 17, 1998, when he stated that his answers at his civil deposition in January had been “legally accurate.”
Here is a list of all the crimes President Trump committed leading to the current corrupt impeachment hearings going on by the corrupt Democrat House –
The corrupt Mueller Special Counsel gang led by the most conflicted, biased and criminal gang of Democrat crooks in US history could not find a single crime after spending $40 million of tax payer money on a fraudulent ‘Russia Collusion’ scam.
The President was never allowed to defend himself or call out in court any of the abuses and crimes the Mueller gang took part in during the scandalous investigation.
Today the Democrats are creating their own investigation of a phone call President Trump had with the newly elected Ukrainian leader into their own hands.
1. The Democrats investigation is taking place in the Democrat led House.
2. They are holding it behind closed doors in a room in the basement of the capital.

3. They are leaking anti-Trump smears daily as a result of their investigation.
4. The corrupt media is doing all it can to promote the fraudulent investigation, like it did with the fraudulent Mueller sham.
5. The Republicans are not allowed to call witnesses.

6. Only one person in Congress knows who the whistleblower is – the same individual who is running the sham investigation – Lying and chronically dishonest Adam Schiff.
7. Schiff and the Democrats are interrupting any questions allowed by the Republicans in the House.
8. Schiff is coaching witnesses.
9.Schiff is allowing witnesses not to answer Republican questions.
10. Schiff is withholding transcripts of interviews from Republicans.
11. The President is not allowed to rebut any accusations or even have his lawyers present in the meetings.

What the hell is going on? This is not my America! This is a kangaroo court in a banana republic brought to you by Representatives from New York and California and the left coasts.

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