RUMBLINGS: Skunk and Traitor Jeff Sessions Will Jump into Alabama Senate Race Tomorrow

After recusing himself like a coward and allowing Rosenstein and Mueller to hijack the Justice Department for two years – which ended in a bloodbath of Trump associates, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is seriously considering entering the 2020 race for his old Senate seat in Alabama. 
The Gateway Pundit reported on Tuesday that there is evidence that Sessions planned to sabotage Trump on his first day as Attorney General.
Jeff Sessions, 72, served in the Senate for over 20 years before President Trump chose him to be US Attorney General.
Sessions has until Friday, November 8th to qualify for the ballot.

Thankfully Trump finally fired skunk Jeff Sessions in 2018.
President brought in Bill Barr to be his new Attorney General and Barr took control of Mueller’s witch hunt and immediately shut it down.

Now there are reports that Jeff Sessions will jump into the Alabama Senate race tomorrow.
That sucks. 
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