Speaker Pelosi Goes on Colbert where she Jokes, Lies and Calls Mitch McConnell the “Grim Reaper” After Vote on Sham Impeachment

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the country that it was a somber day on Thursday after Democrats passed the Schiff Empowerment Act to give Adam Schiff all power in their sham impeachment investigation. 
The resolution passed with ZERO Republican votes.
Pelosi cracked jokes, told Colbert she wants to unite the country and called Mitch McConnell the grim reaper on his anti-Trump “comedy” show.
Pelosi and Democrats think they will impeach Trump and rid him from office because some deep state hacks didn’t like his call with the Ukrainian President.
Pelosi is wrong.
Democrats in their little bubble think Americans agree with their sham investigation.
Wait until Americans find out their “whistleblower” is a deep state CIA shill who worked or Biden and John Brennan and was kicked out of the White House once already for spreading fake news to hurt President Trump back in 2017.
Americans will not be happy.
Democrats will be wiped out in 2020. Nobody likes a liar.
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