“That’s Where the Case Is Going to Continue to Fall Apart” -Rep. Lee Zeldin Destroys Adam Schiff’s Latest Noise and Lies on Impeachment (VIDEO)

Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) went on FOX News on Sunday.  
Rep. Zeldin reacted to Adam Schiff’s latest comments on the Democrat impeachment inquiry.
This was another great interview by Rep. Lee Zeldin.
Rep. Lee Zeldin: We do have an overwhelming amount of evidence to why there was a hold on aide to Ukraine I would call on Adam Schiff once again to release the deposition, transcript of Mark Sandy. Mark is a dedicated career servant at the Office of Budget Management who came in to answer questions with regards to why there was a hold on funds to Ukraine… In this case if Adam Schiff considers himself the prosecutor, the judge, the jury, the witness coach, the chief strategist for lying and leaking and everything else that goes with his conduct in the course of these last few months in dealing with this then that report that he’s drafting he should send in person to the House Judiciary committee and then President Trump’s council should have the opportunity to cross exam him. Adam Schiff has some answers that he needs to provide. There are some questions that I certainly know some of my colleagues want to provide, the president’s council would like to as well. The problem is that his case is going to fall apart. It’s not about protecting the whistleblower, it’s about protecting his own hide. And he wants to protect people like Lt. Col. Vindman who went to the whistleblower, obviously. And that’s where the case is going to continue to fall apart.
Via FOX News.
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