Top Immigration Director Ken Cuccinelli Says He Came Out of Supreme Court Hearing on DACA Case “Optimistic” (VIDEO)

Acting Citizenship and Immigrations Services Director Ken Cuccinelli appeared on Fox Business Tuesday evening and told host Lou Dobbs that he was optimistic on the Supreme Court’s DACA case after attending the hearing.
The Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments about the illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
The Supreme Court is hearing the case about President Trump’s efforts to end the program, which the current administration argues that President Barack Obama had created illegally.
Chief Justice Roberts’ argument on Tuesday left some people scratching their heads — Roberts argued that the Trump Administration ‘doesn’t have to unwind what is illegal.’
“I am optimistic,” Cuccinelli said Tuesday night after attending the Supreme Court hearing.
Even Stephen Breyer, a very far-left justice nominated by Bill Clinton argued on Tuesday that the plaintiffs have already agreed that the Trump Administration can wind down DACA, “you’ve all agreed to that — there is no dispute of that,” Breyer said. ‘You just said that they didn’t do it the right way.’
Cuccinelli finished the segment by blasting Barack Obama for illegally creating law out of thin air by penning a memo on DACA.

“I hope we saw almost the last chapter of finishing out this illegal DACA program,” Cuccinelli said.
President Trump, who campaigned on eliminating DACA and deporting illegal aliens, slammed DACA recipients on Tuesday highlighting that over 50,000 of them have arrest records.
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