Trump to Bail Bondsman at Florida Rally “Do You Know Hunter Biden? Do You Know Sleepy Joe?” (Video)

President Trump held a campaign rally at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida Tuesday night, filling the 20,000 plus capacity arena to the rafters. 

During a part in his speech where he was talking about Hunter Biden getting a board position with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma despite not knowing the energy business or Ukraine, Trump asked a supporter in the front rows on the floor in front of the stage what business he was in– a set up for Trump to riff on Hunter Biden. Trump at first misheard the answer, asking the man, “the mailboxes?”, but then was blown away by the man’s response to the question: “Bail bondsman”. But quick on his feet as ever, Trump did a double take and raised his eyebrows as he wryly asked the bail bondsman, “Do you know Hunter Biden? Do you know Sleepy Joe (Biden)?”
Trump also brought up Hunter Biden being discharged from the Navy but did not specify why (it was allegedly for cocaine use.)
It was reported Tuesday night that Hunter Biden has been suspected of smoking crack cocaine at a D.C. strip club last year.
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