US Coast Guard seizes 5,000lbs of cocaine worth $69million after intercepting a narco submarine in the Pacific Ocean (Video)

The US Coast Guard said that it stopped a narco-submersible in the Pacific Ocean, intercepting about $69million worth of cocaine.  
The Coast Guard said that a maritime patrol aircraft operating in the Eastern Pacific Ocean area flagged a suspected narcotic-trafficking semi-submersible in the water on October 23. 
The US Coast Guard cutter Harriet Lane then intercepted the vessel in international waters shortly before midnight. 

A boarding team was said to have taken control of the vessel before the four suspected smugglers inside could sink the sub via its installed scuttling valves. 
About 5,000 pounds of cocaine, with a street value of approximately $69million was seized from the vessel, the Coast Guard said in a news release.  
A video shot the day after the interception shows Coast Guard crews on the submersible, off-loading multiple big, fabric-wrapped bundles - presumably cocaine bricks - from the vessel and onto onto military vessels.  
The bundles are then placed into a net and then hoisted onto the Coast Guard boats, where they are then tagged. 
The US Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf's crew assisted the Harriet Lane's crew in removing the cocaine from the narco-trafficker's vessel. 
The Coast Guard has been actively deployed in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Basin, patroling known drug transit zones off the Central and South American coasts.  
The Harriet Lane previously made headlines in 2018 when it helped seize 17,203 pounds of cocaine, worth $260million while operating in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, according to WTKR.
The Harriet Lane is a 270-foot medium-endurance cutter, based out of Portsmouth, Virginia. The Bertholf is a 418-foot National Security cutter commissioned originating from Alameda, California. 

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